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Found copper ore but can't mine

4-4-2018Found copper ore but can't mine it with a stone pickaxe What am I doing wrong? Thanks One more thing empty your hands of a tool (press Q) then press the right mouse button and scan the item it will tell you what you need to be using to get the ore Get price


Chalcopyrite is an ore with the composition CuFeS2

11-1-2016What is the percentage of copper in a 40 8 grams sample of this ore? Follow 1 answer 1 You can only upload files of type PNG JPG or JPEG You can only upload files of type 3GP Chalcopyrite is an ore with the composition CuFeS2 What is the percentage of iron in a 38 g sample of this ore?Get price


Mineral Deposit Value

Before you can calculate the potential mineral deposit value you first need to gather some specific data regarding the ore body and the individual drill results This required data can be found in the mining company's press releases in which they announce their drill results Get price


Uses of Copper

10-9-2017Utah copper mine Visible from space the Bingham Canyon copper mine in Utah has produced more than 12 million tons of porphyry copper The mine is more than 4 kilometers (2 5 miles) across at the top and 800 meters (0 5 mile) deep and is one of the engineering wonders of the world Photograph by C G Cunningham USGS Get price


Copper Production How Is Copper Made?

Virtually all sulfide-type copper ores including chalcocite (Cu 2 S) chalcopyrite (CuFeS 2) and covellite (CuS) are treated by smelting After crushing the ore to a fine powder it is concentrated by froth flotation which requires mixing the powdered ore with reagents that combine with the copper Get price


Estimated Water Requirements for the Conventional

ore first enters the circuit to the production of concentrate and tailings To prepare ore for the flotation process run-of-mine ore which may contain from about 2 to 5 percent water by weight when mined is delivered to the crusher(s) to be reduced in size At this stage much of the moisture with the ore may beGet price


TENORM Copper Mining and Production Wastes

19-1-2017Some wastes from copper mines can be reused Mixtures of crushed waste rock have been used to construct embankments fills or pavement bases for highways Some studies have shown that copper tailings can be used in bricks if pyrites are first removed Get price


The Science

The Campaign has gathered numerous scientific reports from experts in their fields to illustrate the value of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and the threat it faces from sulfide-ore copper mining By learning how proposed sulfide-ore copper mines would impact the water and forest ecosystems in and around the Boundary Waters Wilderness you can Get price


Lists of copper mines in the United States

The following lists of copper mines in the United States Contents Leading copper-producing mines in the U S in 2015 in order of output The mines on this list accounted for more than 99% of U S mine production in 2015 Rank Mine Copper ore leached 110 4 Bagdad Get price


Copper Ore Types Sulfides versus Oxides

23-4-2011There are two main copper ore types of interest copper oxide ores and copper sulfide ores Both ore types can be economically mined however the most common source of copper ore is the sulfide ore mineral chalcopyrite which accounts for about 50 percent of copper production Get price


Rio Tinto Copper Mine Palabora South Africa

ORE TREATMENT AND SALES Palabora employs one of the most complex recovery circuits installed at any copper mine producing eight metal mineral and chemical products in around 20 different varieties and grades The complex includes a concentrator copper smelter and refinery currently capable of producing 135 000t/y of copper plus by-products Get price


Perdue to McCollum Boundary Waters Environmental

In fact 92 percent - 92 percent - of these sulfide-ore copper mines operating in the United States have experienced failures that impact water quality The pictures show what recently happened in 2014 in Canada and Canada has some of the same stringent safeguards that we try to put in place But 92 percent of these fail Get price


Copper mining From ore to copper

What's in an ore? There are many types of copper ore found throughout the world Picture 4 shows the distribution of these deposits About 80% of all copper extracted comes from sulphide ores A typical ore contains only 0 5% to 2 0% copper It is a measure of the value of copper that it is worth extracting it from such small concentrations Get price


Copper Investing 2016

17-2-2016Most copper ores contain only a small percentage of actual copper The grade for copper ore is usually expressed as a weight percentage of the total rock For example 10 pounds of copper ore that contains 2 pounds of copper metal has a grade of 20% The average grade of copper ores has been falling steadily over the past several years Get price


Mining in India

A coal and iron ore project is in the fifth largest reserve in world India's metal and mining industry was estimated to be $106 4 billion in 2010 However the mining in India is also infamous for human rights violations and environmental pollution The industry has been hit Get price


Mine Engineer Com provides mining gold copper coal

There are two distinct types of copper ore the sulfide ore and the oxide ore The sulfide ores are beneficiated in flotation cells while the oxide ores are generally leached First the copper ore from a open pit mine is blasted loaded and transported to the primary crushers Get price


Distribution of Mineral Resources in India (With Statistics)

Distribution of Mineral Resources in India (With Statistics) Article shared by Percentage of copper in the rocks are negligible The total recoverable reserves of copper ore in the country are 416 8 million tonnes equivalent to 4 37 million tonnes of metal content Get price


The Percentage of Copper in Malachite

The Percentage of Copper In Malachite Purpose 1 To determine the percentage of copper in the naturally occurring copper ore malachite 2 To determine the relative number of moles of copper atoms in malachite Principles Malachite is a naturally occurring green mineral used as an ore of copper for ornamental objects Get price



Copper is also used in ornamentation coins and as a building material especially in plumbing and roofing Many pounds of copper are used in each automobile in radiators and electronic wiring American police officers are nicknamed cops or coppers due to the copper buttons their uniforms used to have Get price



Although large copper deposits are mined by open-cut methods in many of the major producing countries most of the copper ore produced in Australia comes from underground mines The traditional method used at most mines involves the ore being broken and brought to the surface for crushing Get price


3 Technologies in Exploration Mining and Processing

19-10-2019Read chapter 3 Technologies in Exploration Mining and Processing Read chapter 3 Technologies in Exploration Mining and Processing The Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) of the U S Department of Energy Large open-pit copper mines can produce up to a million tons of waste and ore per day and can be mined at that Get price


What percent of copper in ore is cost efficient to mine

What percent of copper in ore is cost efficient to mine? Q=MC(DELTA)t Why aluminium cable cost less than copper cable? You can also mine for it but that is less efficient Iron ore is a brownish copper color and you need at least a stone pickaxe to mine it Get price


Copper Mining and Processing Everything you Need to

The Basics of Copper Mining and Processing Mined from open pits copper ore must be crushed as part of the process that occurs between extraction and production Using today's compact mining equipment copper ore is extracted from the mine After the ore is crushed it's roasted which helps to convert sulfides to oxides Get price



Historical copper mines in South Australia Burra Surface and underground mining between 1845 and 1877 produced approximately 700 000 t of ore containing 50 000 t of copper Between 1969 and 1981 open-cut mining at the same site produced 2 Mt of ore containing 40 000 t of copper Get price


How to Locate Copper Deposits

How to Locate Copper Deposits How much copper needs to be in the ore before you mine the deposit depends on the method you wish to use to extract the copper Tips Some geologists also pan for copper or test the soil near places where they believe that copper deposits are located Get price


Copper Ores

Copper Ores natural mineral formations containing sufficient copper to make economically feasible the extraction of the metal from these ores Of the 170 known copper-bearing minerals 17 are currently used on an industrial scale native copper Cu bornite (peacock ore) Cu5FeS4 chalcopyrite (copper pyrite) CuFeS2 chalcocite (copper glance Get price


Chalcopyrite is an ore with the composition CuFeS2

11-1-2016What is the percentage of copper in a 40 8 grams sample of this ore? Follow 1 answer 1 You can only upload files of type PNG JPG or JPEG You can only upload files of type 3GP Chalcopyrite is an ore with the composition CuFeS2 What is the percentage of iron in a 38 g sample of this ore?Get price



The United States is the world's fourth largest producer of mined copper In 2017 mine production of copper came to an estimated 1 27 million metric tons there The largest copper mines in the U S are Morenci in Arizona and Bingham Canyon in Utah Some 10 500 people are employed in U S copper mines and mills Get price


Copper Ore Minerals Suppliers In Nigeria Copper Ore

19-6-2018Facts About Copper Ore Minerals Or Copper Concentrates Export Copper is mainly found in the Northern parts of Nigeria Copper Ore mining or processing can create a great source of employment Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cn and atomic number 29 Copper is a reddish-orange metal It is also sometimes greenish Get price


Copper Ore Farming Guide

Copper Ore is the lowest level ore that you can farm It comes from Copper Veins and mostly found at the starting areas and in lower level zones There is not much difference between the zones where you can farm Copper Ore but the zones listed below are slightly better than the other alternatives Get price


Copper Statistics and Information

Copper is usually found in nature in association with sulfur Pure copper metal is generally produced from a multistage process beginning with the mining and concentrating of low-grade ores containing copper sulfide minerals and followed by smelting and electrolytic refining to produce a pure copper Get price


How to Invest in Copper Stocks

18-10-2019Ore grade An ore grade measures the percentage of copper oxides or sulfides in a rock A commercial copper deposit will usually contain between 0 5% to 1% copper ore as well as other metals and such as gold silver molybdenum lead and zinc While higher ore grades typically suggest a mine is more valuable that's not always the case Get price

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